Welcome to The 26th Man, where I will be periodically posting my thoughts and opinions on the World Champion Boston Red Sox.  I may touch on other teams as well but it will certainly be Red Sox focused. 

But wait- there’s more! 

The other reason I’m starting this blog is to share with the world the reason for the Red Sox successes of late.  For just about my whole life, although more so from the start of the 2004 season on, I have held and employed superstitions that have undoubtedly played a part in building the dynasty that the Sox have in the past few years.  2004?  The first year I got season tickets.  The scorching 14-7 start we are off to and our current 5 game win streak?  It’s all in the ties I’ve been wearing each day. 
But I’m not just looking for praise and credit.  I realize that the amount of skeptics out there would prevent me from getting what I deserve, a World Series ring and a share of the World Series money.  I have come to accept this and I am quite content with compensation coming in the form of Red Sox victories.

So I’m just looking to have some fun this year commenting on the state of the Sox and sharing my stories and methods regarding superstitions and how they got the Sox to where they are today.  I’ll try to post 3-5 times a week with finals fast approaching and hopefully slightly more consistently over the summer.  Feel free to ask questions or share your own stories with me via comment or e-mail.

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