Off Day

I’ll take advantage of this off day to talk a little bit more about my superstitions in general.  Here’s the premise behind it all: take Manny Ramirez for example.  He is one of the greatest hitters of all time.  Why doesn’t he hit a home run every time he steps to the plate?  Because things change.  If he hits a fastball up and in out of the park in his first at bat, he probably doesn’t get that pitch in his second at bat.  But there are an almost infinite amount of variables that could potentially have an impact on the swing of a bat- it is impossible to think of and account for them all.  So, when something goes right, the best I can do is to try to recreate that exact moment in time again at a later time.  If everything was exactly the same for two at bats, they should theoretically have the same result.  Do my ties have an effect on Manny Ramirez?  Something does…

Speaking of ties, I think I have the solution.  The offense ran into a brick wall against Tampa Bay this past weekend and ran its losing streak to five games, both of which are warning signs.  The Sox, in fact, have not won since the little fiasco with my lucky tie getting stuck in a tree.  None of my ties are working.  So, I have come to the conclusion that the only way to turn this team around is to wear that same tie again tomorrow and “reverse the curse” if you will.  It is also important to keep in mind that the ties’ effect may be dwindling due to the approach of summer.  I won’t be wearing any ties after May 30th, so they have a solid month left to make an impact. 

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