Lucky Tie Pulls Through Again

At a time of dire need, the lucky tie pulled through again.  If there were any doubters, they have to be convinced by now.  After losing 5 straight and in the midst of a terrible offensive drought, i finally went back to the tie that started this mess and it worked.  A thrilling 1-0 victory followed by an equally thrilling 2-1 victory last night.  It’s not too often a team pulls off back to back walk offs like that, and in fact the last 1-0 walk off victory for the Sox goes all the way back to July 18, 1980. 

It’s not looking good so far tonight, but I did wear the tie today so maybe there’s a little more late inning magic left in the tank.  Speaking of an offensive drought… what is going on?  Last night we got out first extra base hit in about 40 innings, and we have scored just 4 runs in the last 4 games.  And we’re being shutout so far tonight.  Not to slight the pitching staffs of the Rays and Jays, but I feel that we could be performing slightly better against James Shields, Dustin McGowan, and A.J. Burnett.

One more thing – I’m not that guy that analyzes standings on May 1st, but are Tampa Bay and Baltimore really that close?

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