Marlin Lefties?

MLB Network has just informed me that Chris Coghlan tonight became the first left-handed hitter to homer for the Marlins this season.  In the team’s 36th game?  Ouch.  The reigning NL Rookie of the Year has gotten off to a sluggish start, hitting just .216/.272/.224 in 31 games.  

Aside from Coghlan, this stat is surprisingly unsurprising, as the Marlins don’t really have any other quality lefty bats.  The others (excluding pitchers) to have at bats this season are John Baker, Mike Lamb, and Bryan Petersen.  Petersen is just 1/9 this year, his rookie season.  Baker and Lamb both average just 12 home runs per 162 games over their careers, and they have a combined 107 plate appearances this season.  Their average of 560 plate appearances per 162 games indicates they’ve played about 1/5 of their average season, and they’re due for 2.4 home runs by now.  So maybe it is a little surprising, but not really given that Mike Lamb has been used nearly exclusively as a pinch hitter this year and I don’t think anyone took John Baker in their fantasy draft this year (If you did, I sincerely apologize).  

Perhaps the Marlins could consider signing free agent lefty slugger Carlos Delgado?  This will never happen, but who wouldn’t love to see Delgado don the teal and black one more time?


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