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Jon Lester pitches a no-hitter

First of all, congratulations to Jon Lester on keeping the Kansas City Royals hitless through 9 innings at Fenway Park tonight.  It is no easy feat, and it is symbolic of how far this young man has come since being diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma not too long ago. 

Secondly, this brings up one of the most classic superstitions of all time- not talking about no-hitters, perfect games, etc. while they are in progress.  I am very displeased with the way mlb.com chooses to cover these games in progress, as they blatantly state that a no-hitter is happening.  They show no respect to the pitcher, his team, or the fans when they commit such an unthoughtful act.  Even the announcers, Jerry Remy and Don Orsillo, know better than to come right out and say it.  You can beat around the bush, let the audience know, but to say the words “no-hitter” is disrespectful and uncalled for. 

I knew my Red Sox tie was lucky (it has been the catalyst for several winning streaks so far this season, including the current 4 game one), but I didn’t realize its full potential until tonight.  It pains me to think that my days wearing a tie are numbered, but at the same time once my finals are done next week I should be able to post with more consistency.  Thank you to everyone who helped make tonight possible and a big “haha” to those of you who tried to ruin it.